Sunday, August 29, 2010

Family Pics

Are you shocked? I am! I had pretty much written off this whole blogging thing, but after taking nearly a year off I decided I would get back in. Mainly I was inspired by our family pictures we had taken last week. So if you have been wondering what we look like, here you go!

Friday, November 13, 2009


On Monday Jackson turned 2. During the day we went to the zoo and then to the kangaroo zoo. That evening we had a nice family party here at our house. Jackson was over the moon with excitment, his reactions were priceless. Here he is blowing out his candles...make sure you watch until the end.

Everytime he opened a present he was gasping and yelling, he loved it all! It was so fun, and makes us super excited for Christmas. Here he is opening his "big choo-choo".

Monday, September 28, 2009


We had an awesome time at Disney World. It was Gus, Jackson and Gus' parents, my parents, my sister Dana, and my brother Doug and his family. Here are the highlights:

I guess I should explain the lame sling. I had an indoor soccer game the night before we left and I hurt my elbow really bad. Considering I couldn't straighten my arm and that we had met our insurance deductible...I figured I better check it out before we left. So 6 hours before we had to leave our house for Disney I headed into the ER. The x-rays didn't show any fractures but the joint was swollen, which usually indicates a fracture. So worst case: it was a fracture and best case: it was a bad sprain. Because the doctor was unsure, he said it had to be treated as if it was a fracture. So for the first two days of our trip I was in a full splint and wrap. After two days or so it was feeling better and my range of motion had improved so I figured it was just a sprain. It is still a little sore now and pretty bruised, but doing much better. It definelty put a damper on the first few days of the trip though.
Anyways...ackson loved it. He loved the water parks, the boat rides (Pirates of the Caribean and Its a Small World), the safari and loved all the little kid rides. He was really excited to see the charaters from a distance but freaked out a little when they got closer. One annoying thing was he got way attached to his binkie and asked for it all the time. So 3 days after we got home we took them away. It has gone surprisingly well and I wish I would have done it a LONG time ago.
All in all it was a great trip!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Open for Business!

After a lot of hard work and an equal amount of self doubt I have finally launched an etsy shop! Check it out, and tell a friend!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Be Warned...

This is going to be a picture-a-thon of a post, but I have a lot to share. August was a great month which started out with an awesome birthday thanks in part to a huge birthday surprise from Gus. A new DSLR camera, the Nikon D60 which I love! The day after my birthday I started a photography class which taught me a lot and was a lot of fun.

August also started with South Weber Days. Jackson and his cousins loved the parade, especially the candy. I was nervious that Jackson wouldn't understand the concept of grabbing the candy, but he is my son after all, so he did great.He crashed in the car on the way home with a sucker in his mouth.
The evening after the parade they had activities down at the park.
We also went to the Davis County Fair with our neighbors. Gotta love free family activities right? They had a petting zoo and small carnival rides which were both a hit with Jackson.
Jackson loved it so much we went back that weekend with Gus.
We go to the Treehouse Museum about once a week because Jackson is always asking for the "choo-choos" and the "chows" (cows).
And lastly, Gus has been playing softball again (he has played on at least one team every summer since we met). However his season will be cut short this year because he is having shoulder surgery on October 1st. His dad is playing on his team this year so its been fun to watch as a family. Here is Jackson with his cousins.

Thanks for hanging there, hope you weren't bored to tears. The most exciting news of all is that we leave for Disney World in 10 days....CANT WAIT!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer Fun!

We have had a great summer so far, but I cant believe that it is almost August already! Here are some highlights of the last month or so. One morning I took Jack and Rusty to the duck pond to feed the little ducks, which they loved. These two are best buds and Jack totally idolizes Rusty.

We play in the backyard a ton...I spend a lot of my day pushing kids on swings.

Gotta love the diaper plumber's crack.

We went to the zoo yesterday as a family. It was super fun and I love that Jack recognizes the animals and gets excited to see them. He especially loved the carousel.I love summer and I hope the next month is as good as the last two have been!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Flaming Gorge

For the 4th of July Holiday my whole family (even Dana flew in from Hawaii) went camping at Flaming Gorge. It was an awesome trip and we had a great time. Here are some highlights:

Gus and I (Jackson was asleep in the car)Nate, Devon, and cute is little Rusty with his hand on his mommy's face? Oh...and because Devon hasn't really announced it yet, I will: she is 5.5 months pregnant with a girl!!!

Jackson and his dad.

While the guys fished, we all hung out on a dock.

Titan, Rusty, and Brody got a little excited about the water and got their clothes all wet so they hung out in their unders.

Doug and Melissa's youngest, Diggy, who definelty won the best camper award. This was the face is made basically the entire trip.

Hanging out at the camp fire enjoying some smores.

My parents trying to figure out how to play a game on Dana's iphone.

Jackson telling us to get out of "bed" so we would take him to the playground that was across the street from our campground (which was perfect!)

It was a great trip and super fun to spend time with family. Happy Birthday America!!!